Find out how to make a Will and why you should write a Will
Make a will at onlinewill.co.uk
>> Writing a Will ensures that the people you choose can deal with your assets when you die

>> Ensures that your worldly belongings are passed to the people you want to benefit

>> Avoids disputes and ill feeling amongst family and friends
How to make a WIll
>> You may miss out on saving money on Inheritance Tax

>> Your assets are likely to pass to your next of kin under the Intestacy Rules

>> Only a part of your Estate will pass to your spouse
How to make a WIll
>> Make a Will online

>> See a Solicitor or Will Writer

>> Write your own Will using a “DIY Will” package

How to make a WIll

How to make a Will

Welcome to your online guide on how to make a Will. We intend to cover all areas of Will writing including how to make a Will, why write a Will as well as answering as many questions as possible regarding Will writing.

A large proportion of the UK public do not have a Will. Therefore i have built this website to help explain how a Will can be made and the importance of making a Will. Where there is no Will in place upon a persons death, the disruption that can be caused is devastating.